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image: Poggio Etrusco Bed & Breakfast in Tuscany Thomas Jefferson quote: 'The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven.'
image: Pace de Poggio Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil from Poggio Etrusco

Pace da Poggio Etrusco
(Peace from Poggio Etrusco)

Poggio Etrusco is Pamela and Johnny’s 15-acre organic olive farm near Montepulciano in the southern Tuscan province of Siena. We completed our organic certification with ICEA in 2005. Our small artisanal production is from five varieties of traditional Tuscan olives: moraiolo, leccino, correggiolo, frantoiana, and pendolino. In late October/early November, nets are spread under the trees, the olives are quickly and carefully picked and taken to the frantoio (olive mill) within 24-48 hours. The olives are washed, leaves removed, then put into the continuous system that macerates, extracts, and centrifuges the sparkling fresh oil. The result is an oil with extremely low acidity...super fresh!

thumbnail image: Virio in the Olive Tree

thumbnail image: View of Olive Orchards from Poggio Etrusco

Pamela says, “Remember, this is not a cooking oil, it is a condiment (although I do cook with extra-virgin olive oil...). The big difference in my oil is that I wait a bit later than everyone else... The trend these days is to pick earlier, striving for the pizzico (that sizzle in the back of your throat when you taste Tuscan oil). Here in Tuscany the pizzico is present in a variety of olive called coreggiolo, but can also be achieved from an immature olive of any variety, hence the earlier picking. However,  I learned a few years ago that even when the correggiolo is ripe it gives a nice spice, and the oil reminds me of when I first started coming to Tuscany in the 1980s - fruity big flavor with a persistent herbal buzz.”

The label was designed by Johnny Johns and expresses our desire for a clean, sustainable, peaceful world.

We are very proud of our oil and pleased to offer you the opportunity to try it.

The price per unit goes down with larger orders. Upon confirmation of your order, we will send you an invoice from PayPal.

Olive Oil tins from Poggio Etrusco

Shipping to the U.S.
Other countries on request.

Shipping time is approximately 7-10 days (barring delays in Customs)
Prices in Euro (includes the olive oil, packaging, customs, and shipping)
see current exchange rates at oanda.com

3/4-litre bottles (750 ml)  
3 bottles € 140.00
4 bottles € 165.00
5 bottles € 200.00
6 bottles € 225.00
7 bottles € 255.00
8 bottles €280.00
1/2-litre tins (500 ml)  
3 tins € 90.00
4 tins € 105.00
5 tins € 125.00
6 tins € 140.00
7 tins € 155.00
8 tins € 175.00
Larger orders, please enquire.

TO ORDER: Please send your request to info@Poggio-Etrusco.com. Make sure you include your name, shipping address with zip code, a contact phone number. You will receive a confirmation from us by email with details for paying for the oil and a tracking number for the shipping.